Simple Fixes for Clothing You (Almost) Love: Part One

I got this sweater off the clearance rack at Old Navy. I loved the stripes and the colors, but for the life of me, I could not figure out why someone though 3/4 length bell sleeve were a good idea... I was about to put it back down, but then I thought about the sewing machine that Anthony's grandmother had given me...

I'd been meaning to do more sewing projects to improve my skills, so I figured refashioning the sleeves on this sweater would be a great start!

I started out by trying on the sweater inside out and putting two pins into the extra fabric of the sleeve. The first at the top where the "bell" part of the sleeve started to flare out and the second at the bottom of the sleeve to mark how fitted I wanted to sleeve to be. After carefully taking the sweater off with the pins still in, I used a straight edge to fill in the space between the two with more pins. It looked like this:

I then started sewing, from the first pin at the top of the sleeve down to the bottom of the sleeve, making sure I locked the seam at both ends. My sewing machine is from the 80's, so to change the stitch type, I would have had to change a cog, which I haven't quite figured out yet. If you have a newer sewing machine, you could just sew a zig-zag seam parallel to the straight seam you just sewed to prevent the knit of the sweater from fraying. What I did was just sew three parallel seams very close together. After all the seams were finished, I then took fabric scissors and cut the excess fabric off, keeping it to use as a template for the other sleeve. To make sure I was happy with the fit, I turned the sleeve right side out again and tried it on, before starting on the second sleeve.

That's really it! It took me about 30 minutes since I was guessing as I went a long, but I love this sweater so much now! Definitely worth the small effort it took to adjust it a little.

This is me wearing the sweater on my birthday, being the weirdo that I am!