Turn Kitsch into Kool

So my fiance affectionately refers to my style as "old lady"... I admit that I have an affinity for busy patterns and vintage finds. I think he's mostly referring to the fact that our bed spread is blue and white toile, not so masculine, but hey! I paired it with navy sheets, so that counts for something, right?? Anyway, I am often drawn to things that others may find excessively kitschy or even down right ugly. That was basically the case with the 1960's wall plaque I found at the thrift store. From the moment I picked it up, I knew that it was meant to be mine, with it odd Amish-looking pattern and all. I think my sister, Stormi was a little confused when I picked it up... I admit the one thing I knew that had to change was the ugly bronze-y frame. That was the one thing holding this thing back from it's purest form of awesomeness. A quick spray of silver paint and voila!  



The silver really let the blue and green pop! Living in a small apartment, I think little accents like this can really make the place feel more homey. And look, it matches my curtains perfectly!




It just goes to show, keep an open mind when you are looking for home decor! If there is only one small thing holding you back from loving a piece, change it! This literally took 5 minutes to do, and now I have a retro piece of wall art to make my kitchen feel more like a home. So what do you guys think? Old lady or kitschy cool?