Moving on Up!

So we are moving. When? I'm not exactly sure. Our current lease runs out on July 26th, and our new one doesn't start until the 1st of August... BUT we've been in contact with our current landlord about extending the lease to bridge the gap, which seems entirely possible. The only thing is she said to call her the Monday before we move (which is the 23rd) to find out if we can stay... Don't you love not being able to plan ahead??? I suppose if we can't stay, we will be renting a storage unit and staying with friends for a week. I'm sure everything will work out fine, but to take my mind off of my precarious living situation, I decided to post some pictures of our new place! We are really excited about the move, just not about the move-ING part of it!  

This will be the first place that we move to together, just us. Those of you who know me, know our roommate situation this past year... So we are really looking forward to a fresh start! And I am looking forward, most of all to our brand new kitchen!!!!



Brand new white appliances!!! Cabinets that are not made of metal and from the 1950's!!! (Although I admit, I do think our old apartments cabinets were pretty charming, there just wasn't nearly enough of them!) Look at that counterspace!! And that's right! The thing you see under the window is indeed a DISHWASHER!!!


I am so excited to be able to organize our new kitchen! I especially love the pass through window on the right of the picture that connects the kitchen to the living/dining room. Our current kitchen feels a bit more like a cave, or the inside of an oven if you happen to be cooking anything. Which reminds me, another thing our new apartment has that our old apartment doesn't? AIR-CONDITIONING!


Here's what our overall floor plan looks like. It's basically the same as our current apartment, without the second bedroom and of course with a much bigger kitchen. I also like that we will now have a little front hallway!





Here is the view from the living room, looking back towards the front hallway and kitchen:






And the view from the front hallway/kitchen looking back to the living room:

Our new bathroom... Even though the pink/brown tiles aren't my favorite, having new white fixtures is a HUGE improvement from what we have now- maroon tub, toilet and sink, impossible to keep clean! I don't have any big ideas for this room yet, what do you guys think? Any color schemes come to mind?



And lastly, our new bedroom: pretty similar as the one we have now but I think the closet is a little smaller :(. BUT, this room has 2 windows instead of the one we have now, so I hope it is much more light and airy!



I can't wait to post pictures once we are all moved in and have it decorated!!! Now I am inspired enough for a morning of packing :)