Homesick and Homeless


Goodbye Apartment #D109. It's been quite the year. There have been a lot of changes, some bad, but mostly really good ones. It seems a bit surreal that I am never going home to you again. You were my first apartment, and the first apartment that I shared with my husband-to-be, Anthony. I hope your new owners appreciate the vintage metal cabinets in your kitchen the same way I did. I will never forget those blissful few months that I converted the spare bedroom into a crafting/sewing room.

P.S. I kept an extra key, but don't worry, I'm just going to use it to make a craft I saw on pinterest...





That's right. We had to move. So much for my optimism! Thank goodness that Anthony's mother and brother were able to come help us move. I think I was in major denial about moving out (as is pretty evident in my previous post...), so the packing was a much bigger ordeal than it should have been. And alas, all of my crafting supplies are under a mountain of boxes in a storage unit in Oakland. Except for one project, which I packed into my designated "Wedding" rubbermaid container. It doesn't have that many things in it -- Anthony tried to pack other things into my sacred rubbermaid, saying that we didn't have enough boxes and it's ridiculous to leave a quality plastic container (with a lid no less!) half-empty, but I won. And I'm taking that box wherever I go. Or at least to Ella's, where we are staying for the next week.


Hopefully I'll have enough downtime to post something else this week! Unfortunately, we are going to have to go through this whole thing again, when we move into our new apartment next Wednesday.

We'll see how it goes!