Navy and White Wedding Inspiration Board

Our color scheme is official... Navy and White! I made a collage of some of my favorite pins to give an idea of the look and feel we are going for:  



The wedding is going to be at a church, with a tented reception on the farm to follow. We really want it to be a big family party, laid-back (we want to have horse-shoes and cornhole) but also elegant (you won't see any camo dresses at this country wedding!).


As an accent, we really want to use navy and white gingham, like this:



Although not for our apparel! Maybe for pocket squares, but I have a feeling that a little gingham will go a long way! Since we'll be getting married in the fall, we want to bring in fall-ish decorations, but I really want to stay away from dark oranges, reds and browns. I think those colors are lovely, I just want to do something different than the typical fall wedding. If we do use pumpkins for decorations, they will be more of this variety:




The other thing I already started collecting is milk glass! I've always loved the vintage look of milk glass, and I've already bought 3 pieces from the thrift store so far! They look pretty similar to this as far as the shape and scale:




I can't wait to post more! Next up, bridesmaid invitations :)