Owl Themed Baby Shower

My oldest niece Haven is now one and she is the apple of everyone's eye, but I'll rewind the clock a bit to show you all the baby shower that we threw for my sister last summer! First, the invitations...

Basically as soon as my sister told us she was expecting she said she wanted to have an owl themed nursery. My mom found the idea for this somewhere online, and she did all of the heavy lifting so I give full credit to her! My mom used to inspiration photo and then hand drew a template and then worked her magic to program it into the Cricut. That definitely made things a lot easier! For the most part, the construction of the card is the same as the inspiriation photo. We definitely took some creative liberties with the patterns, colors and details and made these our own!

To take up that problematic blank wall I talked about in my post about Christmas 2011, I made a display using Stormi's ultrasound photos from throughout her pregnancy framed by scrapbook paper cut to look like lace on the Cricut. Of course it isn't a baby shower without streamers! I used pink, green and white to make this full wall decoration. My other contribution was the Personalized Onesie Making Station! I heard about this in a magazine and it was definitely a hit with the shower guests, especially me! I think I made 6 onesies that day...

To make this "BABY" sign, I just made oversized Cricut letters in coordinating scrapbook paper patterns (I used Storybook font), glued the letters to white scrapbook paper and then taped the whole thing directly to the glass of the existing frames we had hanging on the wall. (I actually covered up my siblings and my senior pictures, it worked out well that there are four of us!)

My favorite one! ^

Stormi and my brother-in-law Chris had just graduated from seminary, so I made Haven this onesie to wear to church and be "super holy" We also had a basket of newborn diapers to write funny messages on. I'm sure Stormi enjoyed the laughs during her stressful first weeks as a mother!

For other decorations, we took advantage of the cricut and made little families of owls to hang and display around the house and I got some fresh flowers in coordinating colors.

The crowning gem of the party decorations was this amazing baby shower "cake" that my mother made out of receiving blankets, burp cloths and other baby themed items!

Above the chair where Stormi opened her gifts, we hung a vintage 1960's umbrella that we happened to have in coordinating colors. I thought it was a sweet touch!

Stormi really enjoyed her shower!