Feels Like Fall

Hello! It's been a while since I last posted... Things have been crazy these first few weeks of school. I was full speed ahead the first week of classes, then I got really sick the second week and I'm finally starting to feel back to normal. I can't believe that I'm a finally a senior! I also can't believe the stronghold that senior tutorial already has over my life... but that's a different story!  

This morning I actually really liked my outfit. Anyone that knows me in real life knows that my love of cardigans runs deep. I've been wanting to add some more color into my wardrobe and at $15 on sale, this Target cardi fit the bill! My best friend Ella was kind enough to meet me between our two apartment buildings this morning to take some pictures for me.


Cardigan (Target, shop), Striped Top (Old Navy, really old), Jeans (Kmart, can you believe?), Shoes (Ross), Necklace (Forever 21, summer 2012)


This is my new favorite necklace and I got it at Forever 21 for a total of 8 bucks! I love the lace looking pattern, although my sister pointed out the middle section looks a bit like a pot leaf... Oh well!


I thought this outfit looked very Pinterest-y! So I'm definitely not an expert on fashion, and I know nothing about posing so don't expect me to keep this up! Just trying something new in the little bursts of free-time I get lately.


Overall, I had a pretty productive morning! I even came to school an hour early to get work done! Here's me being all happy about being such a good student:




So I'm hoping things will settle down enough for me to get back into crafting and doing things for fun. As long as everything goes well the next couple of days, I'll have a good chunk of time this weekend to come up with more blog material! Hopefully I'll be posting more soon!