Studio and Skinny Jeans



So you all already know that I am no professional when it comes to fashion blogging, or even fashion in general, but I was pretty pleased with my outfit today and wanted to share! I am finally embracing colored skinny jeans! I got this burgundy pair at Target on clearance for 19.98. I wasn't sure that I could pull them off at first, but I am just going with it! I paired them with one of Anthony's button ups, and this beautiful scarf that Seyhan got me for my birthday this year, as well as my favorite gold bangles. What do you think? Any ideas for what else I should wear with them?


You might be not able to tell, but I'm hanging out in the Senior Studio in these photos. I actually have all of my homework done for my class that starts in an hour so I figured I'd spend my extra time writing! This week is midterms, AH!!! I just finished my Israeli-Palestinian Conflict exam and we have Portfolio presentations and our Tutorial Proposals due later this week. This semester is really flying by! I'm really looking forward to being finished with school in just 7 more months. I am so excited for what's next - moving back to southeast PA, starting my career and getting married to the love of my life!


I hope everyone is having a happy Monday!