Simple Fixes for Clothing You (Almost) Love: Part Two



Being a cheap college student can sometimes mean having a wardrobe full of clothes you almost like. There's that too-boxy button up, hanging next to the sweater with missing buttons or that jacket with sleeves that are just a little too long. But you are poor, so these almost fashionable pieces stay in your closet, and every once in a while, when the clothes you actually like are in the laundry, you will take them out and wear them.


Now I am not a professional seamstress by any means, which is good, because you probably aren't either. But what if I told you in less than 10 minutes, you could take these almost fashionable clothes from chronic closet dwellers to clothes you actually want to wear!



Here's an example:


I got this sweater from a thrift store, new with tags from Target. I loved the color, but I didn't notice until I got it home that it had these yucky side slit/vent type things. I used to have a bunch of shirts that had these in like 2005. I don't get them. They are not flattering at all. Up until recently, I never thought about altering my own clothes but seriously guys, this took about 5 whole minutes and now I have a new open front cardigan that I actually enjoy wearing. All I did was turn the sweater inside out and pin the side slits. If you don't know how to do a whipstitch, check out the link to the video I posted on my infinity scarf tutorial.


Here's an action shot!