My Top Picks for Your Holiday Wreath

I feel like there are a couple "schools" of Christmas decorating.  Either you are a person who has their house totally decorated, inside and out the day after Thanksgiving or you're someone (like me this year) who just got their tree up this weekend and makes decorating more of a gradual process that may or may not get done before December 25th. I absolutely LOVE Christmas decorating and in my head, I'm the type of person who gets it all done before the Black Friday sales end, but this year, things have just been a little too crazy. I'm taking it as a personal victory that our tree is even up at all!

My next step in decorating is finding a beautiful wreath for our front door, that's not so Christmas-y that I can't leave it up until Valentine's Day. I looked to everyone's favorite department store, Target, for some festive yet sophisticated front door decor and here are my six favorites that I came up with:

Holiday Wreath

Did I mention that I am also a stylistic schizophrenic?! The outside of our current home is pretty non-descript so I have a lot of lee-way in which style I can choose from year to year. Last year, my Christmas decor was all silver and gold, so I definitely would have gone with glitzy. This year, I'm thinking of going more modern! Or maybe rustic, who knows!

Here are the links for each wreath. Which one would you choose?

Glitzy * On clearance for $17.50




Rustic *Also on clearance for $17.50!!