Reflections & My Favorite Posts of 2014

It's hard to believe that today marks the end of 2014. It's been a crazy year with a lot of highlights, but if you would have told me last New Year Eve where I would be today, I probably would have laughed at you. This time last year, I thought I finally had it all figured out and that 2014 would be smooth sailing. I never thought when I took the kitchen & bath design job in January that I would be leaving 9 months later to start over in furniture sales and design. I never thought we would be still be in our tiny apartment when I was hoping that we would be setting up this year's Christmas tree in our own home. Even though things didn't work out exactly as planned this year, I wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe it would have been nice to avoid wrecking our new (used) car into a railroad crossing sign seven days after we bought it... but other than that, no.

It's clear to me that every thing I went through this year was a learning experience. And I don't just say that in an "oh, let's just the most of it/everything happens for a reason" way-- I mean that every experience that could have been a negative ended up teaching me something real and tangible that I could apply to my life immediately. I may not have it all figured out yet, but I've decided that's not the point. I have come out on the other side of 2014 a more confident, content, focused and true version of myself and I just want to keep moving in this direction. I am looking forward to sharing more about my journey and the lessons I've learned in the weeks and months to come. 

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement over the last 12 months, and through my transition to this new site! I hope you have a fantastic evening celebrating the New Year with your family and friends. See you in 2015!

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