School is in Session! | Blogging for the Classroom

It's Back-to-School time! It still feels a bit odd not to be stocking up on school supplies and textbooks, even though this is the second September since I graduated from college. My mother is a middle school teacher and I have several other friends and family members that are educators, and from them I've been learning about cool ways that technology is being introduced to the classroom.

Many teachers are now using blogs as a way to communicate with students and their parents, create interactive assignments or to share ideas with other teachers. I think this is a fantastic idea!  Ms. Cassidy's Classroom is a amazing blog that written by a teacher in Canada. Her blogs tagline is, "A Class of Six Year Olds Inviting the World into their Classroom" and that's truly what her blog does! She updates the Classroom blog with photos and videos of their lessons and activities for the day. Each student also has their own page, where she posts scanned images of their art work, to videos of them narrating a picture book that they wrote and created themselves. She also has a Classroom twitter account where it looks like she lets her students type the messages because there are some adorable misspellings. 

My best friend's father is a first grade teacher at a military base in North Carolina, and he recently started a class blog to use this school year. This is his first experience with blogging so I offered to help him set up his website and design a custom logo to use as a blog header. The Brennemans are a very athletic family, so I wanted to bring some sporty style into his blog header design. I also wanted to incorporate some "Carolina Blue" to help this Cowboys fan fit in with his new surroundings in the South! What do you think?


A custom header is a simple solution, but it does wonders to make a free blog template from a hosting site like Blogger, Wordpress or SquareSpace look more interesting and personalized. First impressions are so important when it comes to your blog design, so you want to make sure your header reflects your blog's personality and catches your readers attention. 

If you are interested in adding a custom header design to your blog or Etsy shop, email me at for a quote!