Q&A: Missy Weisser, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Happy Friday, friends! Before you get started on your weekend fun, I want to introduce you to my friend, Missy Weisser. Missy is a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant from York, PA and a fellow Red Lion grad! Missy and I reconnected last spring when she invited me to a networking event put on by Mary Kay. After hosting a party with Missy and attending a few other events, I must say, I am so inspired by the way she runs her business! Read on to learn more about this fun, creative and savvy lady!

Missy Weisser, Mary Kay Consultant

Q: I know tons of people who worked part-time waitressing or in retail during college, but you did something different. What led you to get started with Mary Kay? 

When I was in college at Shippensburg in my Sophomore year, my neighbor back home, who was a Mary Kay Sales Director, told me about Mary Kay’s new skin care line that was specifically geared towards people my age. It was brand new so she wanted to get my opinion on the product. I got some friends together to help her out and we all gathered at my off-campus apartment. I didn’t have a big kitchen table so we had to sit on the floor around my coffee table in my living room. While I was trying the products my beauty consultant had made me feel so important and it was just so much fun! I loved the product and the way she made me feel. At the end she talked about the Mary Kay opportunity and how it was only $100 to start. I was a little hesitant and then she told me there was a 90% buyback guarantee  so as soon as I heard that, I was in!

My fiancé had come up to Ship to visit me that weekend and had arrived by the time I was joining the company. He was worried about there being drama and didn’t want to see me get involved in something that could potentially hurt me. We quickly realized that wasn’t the case. The women in Mary Kay are actually the reason I stay in the company. If I ever needed help, I know that there is a lot of friends that I could call. Notice I didn’t even mention anything about the money? Yes, the money is amazing since we make 50% of everything we sell, but it’s really the company and the women involved in the company that make me stay.

Q: Wow! What was your experience like being a business owner AND a college student?Being a business owner and a college student at the same time was so rewarding. Every girl in college loves a night with their friends playing with make up. It was easy to get friends together to try the product. I am so lucky to have learned the skills of owning your own business at such a young age. Through Mary Kay I’ve learned to a lot about people skills, managing my time, and public speaking. Wouldn't you agree that these same skills would benefit me as a college student? 

Q: Now that you are out of school, how has your life and your Mary Kay business changed? Where do you see yourself one year from now

Now that I am out of school I have so much time! I actually didn't know what to do with all my time when I graduated so I dove right into my Mary Kay business. With the help of my Sales Director I learned how to plan out my time each week and be my own boss. I did not go get a minimum wage job, I had a better opportunity! One year from now I see myself as a Sales Director in this company. Being a Sales Director you are in the top 2% of the company and you are also making an executive income. Once again, the income will definitely help and be nice to have, but that’s not the only reason I want to be a Sales Director. How you become a Sales Director is by building your team. To date I've had about 20 team members and it is such a blessing to know that I've had an impact on their lives. If some of you reading this own your own business, you’ll understand how rewarding it is!

Q: What is your favorite part about being involved with Mary Kay?

I love the company behind the products! Not only do we have amazing products that I can trust, but our company has created a legacy of empowering women. In Mary Kay I have become more confident, more independent, and more responsible. The training they provide us with is something I believe every woman should be able to experience. I have seen everything that I’ve learned in Mary Kay flow into other aspects of my life. Most recently, I have been interviewing for teaching positions since that’s what I went to college for. I have noticed my confidence in speaking during interviews is extraordinary. Not to talk myself up or anything ;) 

Q: One of the things I admire about you is the work-life balance you've been able to create as a Mary Kay consultant. Tell us about of the things you enjoy doing when you aren't busy running your own business!

When I think about what I like to do for fun, one of the first things I think of is Mary Kay since it doesn't seem like work! It’s really rewarding to be able to blend my life with my work. Other than that I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and my parents. We enjoy going on day trips to new places and making memories we can hold onto forever. I also coach cheerleading and lacrosse at Dallastown High School and it is so much fun. I hope that I can pass the same skills and lessons I’ve learned to these young ladies and make an impact on their lives. 

Q: As a consultant, you have access to all of the makeup and skincare products from Mary Kay. What are your top 3 products that you love and use everyday?

Just 3?! This is hard to choose just 3! I would say that the Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is one of my favorites because i can not stand the feeling of old mascara on my lashes. It has also made my lashes longer and healthier because I take care of them now. Another product I love is my Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser in the Combination/Oily formula. A lot of customers ask me for a foundation that makes their skin look flawless, but this is the product that creates the flawless skin. My other favorite product would be our Cream Eye Colors. They come in a pod and you can use the Cream Eye Color Brush to sweep it right onto your eyelids. The product, even though it goes on as a cream, is crease proof, waterproof, and can be used as a primer for mineral eye colors.

Q: What advice do you have for other women looking to start their own Mary Kay business?

Just try it and don’t doubt yourself in the process. It’s only a $100 decision with a 90% buyback guarantee. What do you have to lose? Once you start your business make sure you attend local training where you’ll build your confidence and your business at the same time!

Interested in upping your skincare/makeup game? Want to learn more about Mary Kay? You can connect with Missy through email (mweisser@marykay.comor through her sites below! I highly recommend that you follow Missy's Mary Kay Facebook page. She's always posting contests, giveaways, and inspiring makeup looks! I love this pic she posted last month, proving to all us busy ladies that a "5 minute face" is possible!

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