Front Porch | Survey Results + Our Color Scheme Revealed!

Good morning, friend! Does it feel like summer where you live yet? It was quite hot and muggy here in Pennsylvania up until yesterday when it starting thunder storming on and off. I'm sitting in my dining room right now, and the temps have dropped so far it almost feels like we have air-conditioning! Yeah, unfortunately this old farmhouse is totally AC free. The heat hasn't been too bad so far, but I'm sure by July it will be a different story. We do have a nice sized attic and a full basement with a dropped ceiling so when we eventually do shell out for a central air system, it seems like it will be a fairly simple job to locate all the new ductwork... wow, I must be a real homeowner now -- going on about boring things like HVAC! 


Hopefully you saw my blog post a couple of weeks ago on the two color schemes I was considering for our front porch. (If not, click here to see both options!) To all those who participated in the survey, thank you so much! It was so fun to see the responses coming in, from the survey, on Instagram, on Facebook and in the post's comment section. I absolutely love hearing your input and today, I'm sharing the results of the survey! 

And the winner is...

Front Porch Color Scheme Survey Results

It's a tie!!!

It did seem like the responses I was getting from other avenues were pretty split, but I was so surprised that when I checked the survey results again this morning, it was exactly 50/50! 

So I guess all there's left to do is tell you which option we picked, right? Well, it was a hard decision but the more we thought about it, the more we knew we wanted to go with...

Option Two.jpg

Option Two: Graphic + Edgy!

We want to add a shot of youthful energy to this old farmhouse. We got a lot of positive feedback from this color scheme but we also got some words of wisdom from seasoned homeowners about painting the porch floor such a light color since it will really show the dirt. They are totally right! If I was being very practical, I would paint the porch more of a mid-tone to deemphasize the dirt that will surely be tracked across these floor boards.

My idea is to match the floor color to the concrete caps on top of the brick railings, so I may end up going a teensy bit darker once I start sampling colors. I also am thinking that because we will be using an enamel paint in a satin finish, it will be easier to clean that an opaque wood stain would be. So yes, it's risky to paint the porch floor a pale-gray-almost-white but at this stage in our lives, we're going for it! The good thing is, if we hate it: it's only paint! 

This past weekend, I bought a few paints samples for the house and started testing them out! One of these paint samples was the front door color: SW6402 Antiquity.

Front Door SW6042 Antiquity Sample Paint - Stevie Storck Design Co.

And no, this is not the real paint, just the sample paint. I know right now you're probably asking, why the heck did she paint the whole door by hand (two coats no less) with just the sample paint? I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. The sample paint doesn't have the same protective coatings as real exterior paint, so I knew I would have to do the whole thing over. But doesn't this look way nicer than just a random chartreuse square on a robins egg blue door?

Tell me what you think of the color scheme we chose! I would love to hear your thoughts and connect with you in the comments below!