Finally Making Headway | ORC Week Four + Five

My One Room Challenge project got a little derailed for the last two weeks (a story for another blog post!) but I'm happy to report that I'm back at it and finally starting to make some progress! 

This week, I finished priming and painting the walls in Sherwin Williams Useful Gray. Tomorrow, I'll probably finish up the trim, which will be Sherwin Williams Alabaster. 

I tested out some stain options for our newly uncovered hardwood floors. I'm debating between Minwax English Chesnut and Jacobean. The top left and bottom right swatches are both English Chestnut and the bottom left and top right are the Jacobean. Our floors have so much variation that all of the samples look different. I'm a little torn, but I'm going to decide after I look at them in the daylight tomorrow. Which would you pick?

I also did a fun DIY upgrade to this foot stool I picked up at the thrift store. All it took was some gold paint and some faux Grizzly fur I picked up at Joann's and this little guy has a luxe, new look. I'm planning to place it near my closet as a place to sit down to put on shoes. 

It was a fairly straightforward DIY, I just unscrewed the top from the base, cleaned and spray painted the base with Valspar Metallic Gold Spray paint and used my new Stanley Staple Gun to recover the top, first adding another layer of foam to beef up the cushion. I used a serrated bread knife to cut the foam, but the best thing to use is an electric carving knife. It works like a dream!

Once I added the thick fur fabric, the screws that connect the base to the top weren't long enough to make contact. So in these pictures, I just have the top resting on the base. Next time I'm at the hardware store, I'm going to find some longer screws. 

So I've come to terms with the fact that our Master Bedroom will not be completely finished by the One Room Challenge deadline, but I do plan on sharing a reveal of sorts next Thursday! We will at least have all the big pieces in the room, even if they are still in need of some DIY makeovers and finishing touches. The big test will be to see if we can get the floors done this weekend. But don't worry, challenge or not, I will continue updating you guys on our progress with the Master Bedroom until it's complete!