13 Podcasts I Love Listening To

For the last 4 years or so, I have loved listening to podcasts while I drive, cook, clean, paint… pretty much anything! I listen to podcasts just about every day. A while back, I shared 12 Podcasts I Love Listening To here on the blog. Now I’m sharing an update! Out of those original 12, I still regularly listen to 6. Some have ended, like Chris Love Julia and Surprisingly Awesome- but are still archived and great to go back and listen to! Others are still great, my interests just evolved and I wanted to refresh my podcast Library.


FYI, not me. Although I wouldn’t mind having pretty highlights like this model for free stock photography …

Still Listening To…

  1. Shailey & Katie’s Lemonade Stand | Still one of my favorites after over 2 years of listening! They describe their podcast as “two creative business-owning moms who are laughing their way through parenthood”. THEY ARE HILARIOUS. They make me want to live in Missouri so I could wedge my way into their friendship!

  2. Happier with Gretchen Rubin | Still obsessed with Gretchen’s Four Tendencies framework (I’m a Questioner!) and listening to her and her sister Liz chat about happiness and good habits makes me miss my sister, who like Liz lives in LA! This podcast is always uplifting and refreshing.

  3. The Goal Digger Podcast | Jenna Kutcher is one of those “love her or hate her” types on social media, and that’s not by accident. Jenna teaches online marketing and believes as a personal brand, you need to be 100% authentic to yourself to “attract and repel”. Over the years she’s interviewed countless brilliant entrepreneurs, shared her infertility and body positivity journeys and most recently, welcomed her first daughter into the world!

  4. Being Boss | Kathleen and Emily are business bestie goals. They share smart business advice for creatives and I love the dose of “woo woo” they add to my podcast repertoire. I am all about manifesting your goals in life and business and learning from the methods and practices that have worked for other powerful female entrepreneurs!

  5. Young House Love Has a Podcast | John and Sherry’s podcast is just so much fun! They are a husband and wife blogging, renovating and podcasting duo. Most recently, they’ve been renovating not one, but 2 beach homes in Cape Charles, Virginia! I’ve learned so much from following them over the years and their podcast is a fun mix of interviews, fun game show style segments and updates on their home improvement adventures.

  6. 99% Invisible | This podcast is endlessly fascinating! The name 99% Invisible refers to all the “thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world”. Their topics cover categories from history, to city planning and infrastructure, to objects, sounds and technology. Just trust me, the title of an episode will probably be something you’ve never heard of but you’ll be sucked in within the first 5 minutes!

New Favorites…

  1. The Great Indoors | When I was pregnant, Anthony and I got really into The Great Interior Design Challenge and ahem…Anthony developed a bit of a crush on host Sophie Robinson. After he told me to follow her on Instagram, I found out she started an interior design podcast with Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House. I love listening to them chat about all things home and design!

  2. The Little Chapters | This podcast is brand new, but I already love it! It’s all about intentional living and shares conversations between friends Jessica Rose Williams and Kayte Ferris on topics like mindset, lifestyle and creativity. If living life on your own terms is a personal goal of yours, you’ll love the perspectives shared on this podcast!

  3. The Misses Ambitious | I recently discovered this podcast after connecting with one of the hosts on Instagram and I love it! Kiley and Blaine share what they’ve learned about creativity and entrepreneurship in such a real and approachable way and have interviewed some amazing names in small business! This podcast is a new favorite, for sure!

  4. Behind the Scenes | If you watched Little People Big World, you’re probably familiar with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. I actually haven’t had cable for the entire time their show was on but I started following Audrey on Instagram a few years ago. They are new parents and work together as husband-wife team on several different businesses and projects. (Sensing a theme here? I would love to work with Anthony some day, just have to convince him on the whole husband-wife team idea!) I like their perspective and how they let their faith lead their choices in life and business.

  5. Freedom-Cast: Leaving Normal Behind | This podcast is hosted by one of my dear childhood friends Miranda and her husband, Jordan. As a couple, they are all about dreaming big and living fearlessly and I love following their journey! Jordan is a writer and entrepreneur and Miranda recently quit her 9-5 job so they could make a big leap.. They are currently in Thailand for 2 months to explore the digital nomad lifestyle. These two are so inspiring! You can follow more of their Thailand adventure on Miranda’s Instagram here.

  6. Sexy Soulful Success with Emily Cassel | Emily is a fellow Chatham University alumna and I worked with her when she first started her life coaching business 5 years ago! This woman changed my life forever and she is ON FIRE with ambition, wisdom and passion for leading through sisterhood. Her podcast is so motivating and uplifting for women who want more out of their life, relationships and business.

  7. Babes & Babies | I can’t be the only one who has a love/hate relationship with The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and all it’s various spinoffs. This podcast is hosted by three Bachelor alum, two of which are married (to husbands they met on Bachelor in Paradise!) with babies of their own. The host that isn’t mom yet is actually a practicing doula and they don’t actually talk about the show that much! The dive into all types of women’s issues, pregnancy, motherhood and more. Tuning into their show feels exactly like catching up with your best girl friends and it’s a nice addition to my podcast rotation!

What podcasts do you love listening to? Share in the comments below or join the conversation on Instagram.