My 9 Favorite Dutch Oven Recipes

I wouldn’t say recipes have ever been a big topic on this blog. But I tend to write about interior design and whatever home-related topics are capturing my interest at the present moment. And right now, home cooking is a big one. In line with the values I shared in my post on intentional living , I’ve been focusing on learning to cook more with whole foods from scratch. Anthony got me this dutch oven (affiliate) for Christmas last year and it’s become my favorite thing to cook with, although just about any of these recipes can be made in a stock pot too.

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

We don’t have any particular diet we follow, more just everything in moderation. We are trying to eat less meat, so I’ve been making a lot of vegetarian meals lately. Not all of these recipes would be considered “healthy” but in general they make healthier substitutions (like greek yogurt instead of cream, etc.). I don’t worry too much because portion control is more important and sustainable for me than eating just steamed vegetables and chicken breast all the time. But I will say I’ve lost a significant amount of weight in the last couple of years and I attribute that to changing my lifestyle to cooking more nutritious meals at home instead of eating out and eating smaller portions. So whether you are trying to be healthier, save money by cooking at home or live more sustainably by eating less meat, I wanted to share some of our favorite recipes that I find myself making again and again.

Our 9 Favorite (Mostly Vegetarian) Dutch Oven Recipes

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Italian Orzo Spinach Soup: This soup is so yummy and easy to make. If you use vegetable stock instead of chicken broth, it’s' vegan too! If you want to add more protein, this would be great with rotisserie chicken.

Potato Soup: This is a great recipe to have on hand when you haven’t been to the grocery store in a while and need to make dinner appear out of the dregs left in your pantry. Or you can fancy it up with bacon or ham or any of your favorite baked potato toppings for loaded potato soup.

Split Pea Soup: I’ve always loved Split Pea Soup but I didn’t realize until now just how simple and easy it is to make. You can make it with or without ham. Next time, I think I’ll try substituting potatoes for the ham to make it vegetarian but still add some texture.

Red Lentil Masala: My favorite thing about this whole vegetarian kick we’re on? I’ve been learning to make Indian food! I love the flavors of garam masala, so it’s been well worth investing in a bottle.

Chickpea & Sweet Potato Curry: The author of this recipe describes it as a fusion of Indian and West African cuisine, but it has a lot of the same ingredients and methods of the other curry recipes I’ve been making. It’s vegan and delicious!

Indian Butter Chicken: If you only make one recipe from this list, let it be this scrumptious butter chicken. The author of this recipe was the first one to tip me off to the fact that when Indian recipes call for chili powder, they mean cayenne pepper, not what we call chili powder here in America. I don’t like things too spicy so I reduce it to 1/8 tsp of cayenne and it’s the perfect amount of flavorful but not too fiery.

Orecchiette Pasta Primavera: Ok, this is another top contender! This is a one pan pasta dish and the trick is cooking the orecchiette in broth along with the sauteed veggies instead of water. So much flavor without any sauce! This is a great technique to use with any pasta and any veggies you have on hand.

Sunday Pot Roast: What’s a round up of dutch oven recipes without traditional beef pot roast? I don’t make this very often but when I do, Anthony is one happy camper.

Tomato Soup: Tomato Soup is another thing I didn’t realize was so easy to make, especially if you have an immersion blender! (affiliate) I like to caramelize my onions first to give it the soup even more flavor.

And what goes better with soups, stews and curries than bread? I got really into cooking yeast bread while I was pregnant with Sage but since she’s been born, I’ve mostly stuck with this delicious beer bread. It’s so quick to whip up and is DELICIOUS. For Indian recipes, I’ve experimented a bit with making chapatis and naan but I’ve had the best luck with this simple flatbread recipe. It takes some time and practice to make, but is so so yummy!

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If you’re interested in more recipes, you can find my favorites on my HOMEMAKING : recipes board on Pinterest! Do you have any favorite Dutch Oven recipes to share? Comment below with the link, I love trying new recipes!

Five Years

This past Friday, Anthony and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. FIVE WHOLE YEARS being married to my best friend. Man, has it been a wild five years! We moved home from Pittsburgh to York County, I started a business, we bought our first house, adopted our first dog and welcomed our first baby! A lot of firsts and so much learning and growing together in between.


Every year around our anniversary, we get family portraits taken with Savannah Smith Photography and I share them here on the blog! You can see our previous years portraits here, including last year when we announced we were expecting Sage! 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014. It’s crazy to think in last years portraits, I had just gotten my first ultrasound and this year we have our little girl here with us! She slept through almost the whole photo session but I don’t think these photos could be any sweeter. I treasure these images and this beautiful family I’ve been blessed with. If I haven’t already made it abundantly clear in my posts about him, I am so unendingly grateful for this man. Anthony is more than I could have ever hoped for as a best friend, husband and now father. After 12 years together, I didn’t think we could get any closer but Sage’s birth and these first few months of parenthood have made me fall even deeper in love with him. He’s the rock of our family and he takes such good care of us. And even though we’re both cranky and sleep deprived, he’s just fun to be around!


It’s been a wonderful five years, but this year easily tops them all. This is the year we really became a family. I’ve never been more happy or more grateful for you, Anthony!

Free Desktop Wallpapers to Inspire Positivity

The day Anthony went back to work after Sage was born, I wanted to do everything I could to pump myself up for my first day of solo parenting. I took a shower, put on a pair of real (maternity) pants, and downloaded a new inspirational desktop background for my laptop. Actually, I couldn't decide on just one background so what I did was create a slideshow of positive quotes to use as a screensaver. I figured there would be plenty of times in my new mom life where I would be doing on something on my laptop and have to stop to nurse, change a diaper, or soothe a crying baby so my screensaver would be getting plenty of action. Now that I'm 2 months in, I can say that I was right! I'm so glad I thought to do that on my first day at home alone with Sage. Seeing these pretty wallpapers flash across my screen add a little extra brightness to my day, so I decided to team up with artist/illustrator/designer, Jamie Bee to create some beautiful, inspirational wallpapers to share with all of you!

Free desktop wallpaper downloads! Choose from 7 modern, minimal wallpapers designed to inspire positivity, creativity and resilience. Or use all 7 as a screensaver slideshow, like I do! #inspo #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #motivation #quotes #blushpink #neutral #classic #modern #minimal #chic #elegant #pretty #feminine #girlboss #creative #entrepreneur #mindset #fridakahlo #vangogh #uplifting

Whether you are facing a new challenge/adventure in your life like motherhood, or you just need a little inspiration for your day-to-day, I hope these wallpapers inspire you to keep a positive mindset! Use them individually as desktop wallpapers or all together as a screensaver slideshow like I do. 

Free desktop wallpaper downloads! Choose from 7 modern, minimal wallpapers designed to inspire positivity, creativity and resilience. Or use all 7 as a screensaver slideshow, like I do! #inspo #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #motivation #quotes #blushpink #neutral #classic #modern #minimal #chic #elegant #pretty #feminine #girlboss #creative #entrepreneur #mindset #fridakahlo #vangogh #uplifting


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More about Jamie Bee


Jamie Bee is a college friend of mine and a local artist, illustrator and designer here in York, PA. And she's currently accepting new freelance work and collaborations! If you're in need of great web graphics for your blog or small business, a killer book cover design or illustration for your latest article, hit her up! You can see her portfolio and get in touch with Jamie through her website. Or, if you love corgis and cool, funny, irreverant art, you should probably follow her on Instagram too. She just started a 100 Day Challenge she's calling #100daysofinfluence.