Easy DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor

Happy Thanksgiving! Just put the finishing touches on our table, and I couldn't resist popping in to share some photos. Last year, I went super simple with some white pumpkins and my DIY "Give Thanks" printable banner. For this year, I went a little more layered, a little more colorful but kept the natural pumpkin theme. 

We're hosting 12 this year, so we also set up my office as a second dining room. One of the many benefits of having an extra large desk! Here's how I decorated our second table:

Alright, I've got to run! Dinner is in a couple of hours and Anthony and I have a few more things to get ready. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. This year, I'm thankful for so many things- including YOU! For rooting me on as I launched my design business full-time, and encouraging me as I tackle decorating our first home room by room. For all the likes, comments and shares. I couldn't do what I do without you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Easy DIY Hand Lettered Gift Wrap

I am a sucker for fancily wrapped gifts. However, I'm also super cheap and not great at planning ahead so I never seem to have the right wrapping paper for the occasion. Enter in my new favorite gift wrapping solution...

DIY Hand Lettered Gift Wrap - Stevie Storck Design Co.

All you need is some craft paper (I bought about 5 rolls for $1 each in Target clearance section a few weeks ago) and marker. I used a fancy brush marker I just bought to practice hand lettering, but a Sharpie or Crayola marker would work just as well. 

I had a trio of gifts for our youngest niece, Glory so I decided to draw 3 quick, complementary patterns. G's for Glory, 3's for her 3rd birthday and hearts because we love her! For this, I wrapped the gifts first so I could make sure my patterns lined up how I wanted them to. 

Instead of drawing your own pattern, you could also copy a quote or passage from the person's favorite book. For my friend Jess's birthday a few weeks ago, I lettered her name plus a bunch of different words to describe her all over the paper before wrapping up her gift. Should have taken a picture of that one! 

I love how simple, yet modern this DIY wrapping paper looks and it literally couldn't be easier to make yourself! You really can't mess it up, the more imperfect and hand drawn it looks, the better. Plus, you'll always have the right paper for the occasion with a little creativity and customization!

For more little DIYs like this that may or may not make the blog, be sure to connect with me on Instagram @steviestorck!

Comment on this photo letting me know you read this post and I'll DM you a pic of your name hand lettered by me! ;)