My Design Philosophy

Essentialist - versus Minimalist or Maximalist. I believe in outfitting spaces with just enough furnishings to feel full and proportional to the space while still allowing for room to grow as you live life in your home.  

Eclectic - I believe that all homes need a mix of old & new to feel lived in and soulful. I want your home to be a reflection of your unique personality, tastes and interests, and not just a copycat of a catalog page. Vintage and artisan made accent pieces are my favorite way to achieve this. 

Elegant - I shy away from trends and themes in an effort to stick with design elements that harmonize with the geographic location, and architectural style of your home. While I love working with color, my favorite method is to start with a more neutral, organic base upon which we can layer colors, patterns and textures to fit your unique aesthetic.