Q: How do you work and what do you charge?

A: Good question!  My goal is to be as straight forward and transparent with pricing as possible, and offering the bulk of my design-oriented services (consultations and full room design plans) at a flat fee helps to take out some of the guesswork on both your end as the client and my end as a small business owner. To take your project through to completion, I offer full-service purchasing, ordering and project implementation at an hourly rate. I also offer ala carte interior design consulting that can be customized to your unique project's needs. An itemized list of my services and pricing can be viewed, here

Q: What is your education and background in Interior Design?

A: I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture at Chatham University in Pittsburgh in May of 2013 after which I returned to York County and spent 3 years working in kitchen & bath design and furniture design/sales. In April of 2016, I transitioned to running my own design business full-time and since then have worked with dozens of clients on residential and light commercial projects throughout York, Lancaster, Adams, Harford and Baltimore counties.

Q: What is your design style?

A: I pride myself on being a very adaptable designer, but I describe my signature style as Eclectic, Elegant, Essentialist. Read more about my personal design philosophy, here and see examples of my work on my portfolio page. 

Q: What will be the duration of my project?

A: That can vary widely from project to project, based on how quick we are able to get through the initial design phase and the lead times on the products and materials you select. Generally, full-service design projects take anywhere from 3-6 months from our first meeting to completion. If you are working to a specific deadline, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Q: Do we have to purchase our furniture and accessories through you?

A: No, my clients have the option of handling all of their purchasing and order management themselves but most choose to delegate that work to me so that they can use my exclusive designer discounts and trade pricing. For most of my clients, the savings they get from using my full-service purchasing end up being more than what they pay for my time in taking this part of the project over. On top of that, I save them time and hassle making it simple, easy and effortless to take their room transformation from "before" to "after". 

Q: Will you hire subcontractors?

A: No, any and all subcontracts will be hired by you directly as the client. That being said, I have established relationships with local subcontractors that I can recommend to you. Project management & coordination with the trades falls under Full-Service Purchasing, Order Management & Implementation and is offered at rate of $50 per hour. 

Q: What's E-Design and how do I know if it's right for me?

E-Design is a completely online interior design service for the budget conscious, DIY-type homeowner who wants a professionally designed plan that they can implement on their own, at their own pace. This service is available to clients both local and nationwide! If you are willing to do a little legwork, E-Design is a fantastic way to get a professionally designed room for less. My simple E-Design Homework sheet will walk you through how to measure & photograph your room, communicating your style goals and prioritizing your wants, needs and project budget. You'll be fully involved in the creative process to ensure that the final design fits your unique personality and lifestyle. At the end of the E-Design process, I'll provide everything you need to implement your room makeover: drawings, shopping resources and my tips for putting it all together. If you feel confident about communicating your style, make decisions fairly quickly, and are comfortable shopping online and putting together the room on your own, E-Design could be a great fit for you. If you have questions or want more information about E-Design, please contact us here or email

Q: How do I get started and what will my initial investment be?

A: To schedule your In-Home Design Consultation or book an E-Design Project, please get in touch using the button below. Payment for In-Home Design Consultations and E-Design projects fees are due in full at the time of booking. For Full-Service projects, 50% of your total design fee is due upon signing our Design Agreement and the remaining 50% is due once your design has been finalized and approved, before we move onto purchasing and installation.