Our 2015 Christmas Cards

Sending out Christmas Cards is my favorite tradition to kick off the holiday season. Last year, I had a specific idea in mind that I couldn't find anywhere, so I designed them myself (see our 2014 Christmas Cards, here). This year, I found a design that I loved  from Simply To Impress. There are so many great resources out there for Holiday Photo Cards, but I love how affordable the designs are on Simply to Impress. They look much more expensive than they are! And with my spreadsheet of addresses growing every year, that's very important!

This year, we went with their "Brushed Christmas" design. I love the simple gold and green design on the white background and I thought it paired really well with this shot from our Anniversary/First Home photoshoot with Savannah Smith Photography.

We also kept up the tradition we started last Christmas of sharing the highlights from year and our goals and wishes for the new year. I got the idea from a friend who sends a family newsletter every year. With it just being me and Anthony (and now Chloe!), we just don't have enough to fill a whole newsletter but I thought we could at least give an update that fills the back of our Christmas card! Our card design got great reviews from our friends and family last year and it was fun because at the various Christmas parties we attended, people would ask us about the different goals we had set for the next year. Here's what we wrote on the back of this years card:


2015 Highlights - Became Homeowners weeks after turning 24, Anthony started an indoor soccer team, Travelled to California with friends, Adopted our first furry child, Chloe Storck, Made 2 trips to coastal North Carolina, Anthony started his new job at Red Lion Grain, Celebrated our second wedding anniversary, Welcomed trick-or-treaters for the first time, Hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner. 

2016 Goals - Anthony starting part time classes in January, Welcoming our first nephew in February, Fixing up the porch & starting a garden, Tackling a DIY "Mini" Kitchen Remodel, Following Dave Ramsey's Financial Baby Steps, Celebrating 10 years together in October.

Disclosure: While I was not paid to write this review and the opinions are 100% my own, I may earn a small commission if you purchase from Simply to Impress using the links above. 

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