Coffee Date No. 1

I try my best to make each blog post I write as helpful and informative as I can. But sometimes, I feel like sharing little things about my life outside of design that aren't enough to necessarily write a whole blog post about. Enter this new series. Today's post is a little random, but it's meant to cover topics we might chat about over a cup of coffee. I can't take credit for this idea, as there are a ton of other bloggers with some sort of Coffee Chat or "If We Were Having Coffee" series. But I've decided to give it a try, so here goes!

Savannah Smith Photography


1. I've decided my dream car is a 1971 Chevy C10 Fleetside Pickup Truck. 

With a two tone black and white paint job and my business logo plastered on the driver side door. This daydream came to be when I spotted a similar truck for sale while driving south on Route 74 towards my family's farm. I was planning to stop and take a look the next time I drove by, but alas, it was sold before I got the chance. Not that I have any business buying a hobby car right now, even if I could say it's for advertising purposes... After some creative googling, I think I figured out the make, model and approximate year. Anthony says maybe in 3 years we can look for one, so I'm just putting it out there in the universe now so my dream car can find me when the time comes!

Like this one, only I would want the roof of the cab to be black too pleaseandthankyou! (Source)


2. I participated in my first flea market as a vendor this month!

You guys know I'm a very enthusiastic vintage shopper and collector. In order to sustain my thrifting hobby and also stockpile extra home decor items for client projects, I decided to launch my own vintage pop up shop, called Thrifted. (Old news if you follow me on Instagram!) On August 5th, I set up shop at the York Flea. I was a little nervous about having enough inventory to fill my own booth, so I split one with Jordyn Russell of Worry Less Craft More. Check out her Etsy shop, here! Jordyn and I met serendipitously at a mutual friend's bridal shower just a month or so before. We were both first time vendors, and it was so nice being able to bounce ideas of each other and prep for the flea market together! It was a big learning experience for both of us, and we are both planning to try flea market/craft show vending again soon! In the meantime, I'm planning a Flash Sale on my Facebook page with my leftover inventory in September. Be sure to "like" my page if you want to access to Flash Sale updates!

My booth at York Flea!


3. I'm a bridesmaid in two weddings next year!

I loved being a bridesmaid in my sister, Stormi's wedding seven years ago so I'm really excited to resume bridal party duties, and for two of my dearest friends at that! My college friend Rachel is marrying her fiance Matt in January and our high school friends Morgan & Jesse are getting married in May. Rachel's wedding is a wintery, mountaintop theme with vintage touches and Morgan's is a springtime, succulent theme at a beautiful countryside venue. So excited about their color scheme picks. Rachel has chosen emerald green, copper, gold, black and white and Morgan is doing different shades of dusty blue, green and purple. These are the dresses I get to wear! Gorgeous, right?

Rachel's pick | Morgan's Pick


4. I have two fun trips planned for September!

Anthony and I will be visiting another high school friend, Josh and his new wife Megan (who I love!) in northern Virginia for Labor Day. We last saw them the weekend of July 4th at another mutual friend's wedding, so this is the second patriotic holiday in a row we'll be spending with them. I'm super excited because Chloe is going with us, so this will be our first road trip as a family of 3! For those of you who don't know, Chloe is our boxer and yes, I am one of those people who treats their dog like a human child. 

Our furthest road trip to date: the time I hitched a ride to Lancaster with these two.

The second trip I have planned is to the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC! My friend Jamie and I decided to go on a whim because she was itching for a road trip. Luckily, my friends Morgan & Jesse (yes, the ones who are getting married!) live not far from there, so we'll get to stay and visit with them for the weekend too. I can't wait! Are any of you guys planning to be at the Indie Craft Parade on Saturday, September 17th? If so, I'd love to meet up and say hello!

Photo from the Indie Craft Parade website


5. This is a big one... I co-founded The ArtWife Project!

The ArtWife Project is a collaborative community centered around supporting and connecting women in creative business. My good friend Jessica of Revolt Style Studio and I were on a coffee date this March when we realized we had been simultaneously yet independently dreaming up a way to serve and unite all of the awesome boss ladies we know. After a months of brainstorming, outlining and talking about this, we launched our members only Facebook group in July and the momentum since then has been incredible! We've grown to an active and engaged online community of over 150 women and we are hosting our first local meet up in York in 2 days! To learn more about The ArtWife Project and how you can become a member, click here! We're also on Instagram @artwifeproject

So that's what I've been up to! If you made it to the bottom of this post, you are probably either a friend, family member or just wonderfully loyal reader. In any case... 

Thanks for stopping by to chat with me!

So I Quit My Day Job...

...Back in April. I probably should have told you guys sooner, but to be honest, I was scared! But it's time to let you guys in on what's been going on with me. Jeez! Why am I more scared to make this announcement than I was to actually leave my job? 

Hopefully by now, you've already figured out that I left my full-time job at the furniture store to purse my dream of running my own interior design business. I've been alluding to it for months now on my Facebook & Instagram accounts. Heck, I even co-founded a group for creative female entreprenuers! Scared Stevie was just leaving bread crumbs hoping you all would connect the dots and she wouldn't have to muster the courage to write this post. 

I quit my day job four months ago, and I couldn't be happier or more terrified. 

Not once in the last 108 days have I doubted my decision. I know in my soul that leaving the 9-5 culture was inevitable for me, and that now there's no going back. It's an exhilarating feeling to know that years of hard work, persistence and faith have paid off, but also terrifying to know that this is just the beginning. There's no guidebook for where I'm standing today. Every single day, I'm pouring all of my creative energy into designing the best possible ways to serve my clients and fulfill my purpose in life.

I've known WHAT I wanted to do for 10 years now. Since then, I've been learning as much as I can, honing my skills, developing my aesthetic and creative point of view. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture in 2013, but even that didn't show me HOW to be an interior designer. 

I don't want to confuse anyone. 

Interior Design is confusing enough as it is. Historically, there's been no real transparency in the Interior Design industry as a whole, and because of that no one really knows exactly what it is that designers do and how (& how much) they are paid. Established, successful designers have no real interest in sharing their best practices with the competition, so this veil of secrecy and exclusivity is perpetuated generation after generation. 

I'm telling you this so you know that I didn't just copy and paste someone else's way of doing things. I've poured my heart and soul into designing a creative process and service structure that will demystify residential interior design for my clients. Because when all is said and done, what we all want is pretty simple;

A home that looks beautiful, functions for our lifestyle, and that we are proud to welcome our friends and family into. Right?

I want to take you there. Here's how I do things differently:

Service, Not Sales

After 3 years of working in the field as a designer/salesperson, I can tell you it's not for me! If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know you don't need a McMansion sized budget to have a Pinterest-worthy home. My clients pay me for my design services only, I have no interest in pushing them to spend more than what they are comfortable with. 

Flat Fee vs. Hourly Rate

I choose to work primarily on a Flat Fee based structure. This means you will know upfront, before any design work is completed, how much you will be investing in my services. This along with my Service, Not Sales policy is a complete 180 from the traditional hourly rate + mark up structure that is the standard across the Interior Design industry. 

In-Person & E-Design

You don't have to live in Pennsylvania to work with me!  In addition to in-home consultations & full-service design for clients in south central PA & northern MD, I also offer both E-Design and E-Styling service packages. These are great, affordable options for getting a professionally designed plan that you can implement at your own pace. Perfect for non-locals, or do-it-yourselfers looking for a some design direction.

For more info about my interior design & styling services, visit my "Interiors" tab, or click here!

And with that, I want to thank each and everyone of you reading this now for supporting me. Those who maybe just stumbled across this blog today, and especially those who have been with me since I started blogging 6 years ago under the name Lace & Paper Flowers (an ode to my namesake, Stevie Nicks). I wasn't sure exactly how things would play out, but every day since then I've been working towards this goal of working for myself and doing what I love. So thank you for being there for me along the way, showing me grace as I've figured things out, changing blog name not once but 3 times, starting new side projects (Etsy, Thrifted, and more to come I'm sure!), and finding my way. Your support means so much! 

If you like what I do on this blog, the best thing you could do for me is to tell your friends about me. I need your help in getting the word out! Share this blog post, invite others to follow me on social media, or just mention me next time someone is talking about redecorating! Anything you could do would be so, so appreciated. Thank you again!