Small-town interior designer with big dreams

I was raised on a farm in southern Pennsylvania, but my love of all things creative took me to design school in the city. Now I’m back in the same county I grew up in, growing a business, making a home and raising a family.

My whole life, I’ve been inspired by the spaces we live, work, play and dream in. The joy I found in repeatedly rearranging my childhood bedroom and my high school Housing and Home Furnishing class led me to study Interior Architecture at Chatham University, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in 2013. I love decorating and styling, but my background and true passion is in space planning and designing rooms that add functionality, beauty and ease into my clients’ lives at home. After working in the field for 3 years, I went out on my own to offer approachable, solutions-oriented residential interior design and decorating services. I started blogging in my design school days, sharing craft and DIY posts under the name Lace & Paper Flowers. Over 8 years, 3 name changes and hundreds of posts later, I’m still writing! These days on topics like design, homemaking, motherhood and living with intention. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Anthony for 6 years and we welcomed our daughter Sage in 2018. In December 2019, I will become a published author with the release of my first book, Modern Faux Flower Projects: Fresh, Stylish Arrangements and Home Decor with Silk Florals and Faux Greenery.



I believe that a well-designed home is a deeply personal thing. I work with my clients to identify and establish their unique stylistic preferences, functional needs and lifestyle goals. I work with a wide variety of design styles, always taking into account the architecture of the home, and the geographic location, but it is my signature aesthetic that my clients seek me out for. This signature aesthetic is the result of the overarching philosophy I've developed through the years, which I call "The Three E's": Essentialism, Eclecticism and Elegance. Learn more ->


In 2015, Anthony and I purchased our first home: a 1903 fixer upper that we’ve been slowly renovating ever since. He’s the true do-it-yourself brawn of the operation, while I provide the inspiration and design for all of our home and garden projects. Our house has a long and winding history, being converted from a single family to a duplex and back again, and a fire that destroyed a lot of the original details and charm. Our goal is to infuse historic-inspired character and soul back into the house so it can be enjoyed for another 100 years. Tour our house ->



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