Why I'm Using a "Whole House Color Scheme"

When you move into a new home and are starting completely from scratch, it's easy to get overwhelmed! Even though I have been dreaming (and pinning) about the day I would have my own home to decorate for years, it was a little scary to start making decisions about what interior design direction I wanted to take. As a professional interior designer, I am a fan of so many different home decor styles and color schemes. While that characteristic serves me well when I am creating personalized designs for my clients, it makes decorating for myself THE WORST. Really, I would hate to have myself as a client!

One thing I've done to keep myself sane is to develop what I call a "Whole House Color Scheme" to base my decorating decisions on. Because my style is so eclectic, choosing one united color scheme to use through the majority of my home will help the different spaces to feel more cohesive. 

Instead of looking through magazines or Pinterest for inspiration this time, I decided to go for the colors I've always been drawn to-- colors that have remained my favorite for years even as my style preferences and taste has evolved. For me, those colors are blues and greens. I started there, collecting dozens of paint samples and trying out different pairings before arriving at the color scheme I have shared below. 

Cool Neutral Whole House Color Scheme: White, light aqua, navy, gray, black and chartreuse - from Stevie Storck Design Co.

While not all of these shades will become wall colors, I wanted to share them as paint colors just in case you felt inspired to give any of these a try in your home! This is definitely an analogous color scheme, but I plan to punch it up with some vivid accent colors in different rooms, like coral red and peachy pink! Plus, with a nice neutral base, I'll be able to switch out accent colors for seasonal decorating. 

Would you consider using one color scheme throughout your whole house? What colors do you always find yourself going back to?