Master Bedroom Progress | ORC Week Three

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A little into the first week of the One Room Challenge,  when I was hit with the reality of what exactly I had signed up for, I sat down and wrote an outline of my project. It was broken down by week and included blog post topics and to-do lists. What I had planned for today's post was to share about how I had successfully refinished our hardwood floors, painted all the walls, installed new thicker baseboard trim with coaching from my dad and installed our new chandelier. We're now halfway through the challenge, and my goal for this benchmark was to have the entire "shell" of the room complete. 

(Insert Laugh-Cry Emoji here)

So what really happened since last Thursday? Well, with the help of our wonderful friends Tim & Jess (Owner of Revolt Style Studio) we finished demoing the existing flooring on Saturday night. Then while I was at work on Sunday, Anthony and his dad finished installing our new outlets and our new chandelier, although I still have to attach all of the crystals. That's it, folks! So instead of showing you progress photos of a room that doesn't look much different than last week, I'm going to talk about some recent developments and what's going on in my head at this stage in the game. 

Pillow Joy + Despair

I was so excited to receive my new Pyne Hollyhock throw pillow from Spark Modern this week! I'm stoked to be partnering with them for this challenge. I honestly believe that this gorgeous Schumacher fabric will make the room. It's such a beautiful mix of neutral colors in a feminine yet classic floral pattern that I think will be the perfect counterpoint to our more masculine wood bed. 

On the other hand, the pillow I ordered from West Elm is starting to cause some despair. I ordered this pillow way before I even decided to participate in the One Room Challenge. I fell in love with it in the clearance section and ordered it as a birthday present to myself last month. Originally it was scheduled to arrive on March 24th. Then it got pushed back to April 4th, then 13th then 20th and now it's not expected to get here until April 28th. That's cutting it pretty close to my May 12th deadline. If this trend continues, who knows if it will ever get here, let alone in time for the reveal! I already emailed customer service, but never got a response back. I'll probably call them sometime this week to figure out what the story is. I hope I don't have to cancel my order, I still really like the pillow!

Rug Indecision

In my design board, I included a large, natural jute rug. I was waiting to decide on a size until after we had uncovered the hardwood floors. If they were horrible, then I would have ordered a bigger rug. Since our new/old floors are looking like they'll clean up nicely, I'm realizing that I don't want to spend $400 on an 8' x10' rug when half of it is going to be hidden underneath our new king size bed. I'm now considering the idea of two runners to flank the bed on either side. 

But of course now that I've reconsidered the size, I'm starting to reconsider the type of rug too. Do I really want to step onto rough jute every morning? I love the texture and simplicity of these woven rugs, but they aren't the softest things underfoot . Should I order shag rugs instead? But wouldn't that look basically the same as the wall-to-wall carpeting we just ripped out? Should I stick with the jute and just buy some nice, new slippers? These are the questions I am stuck asking myself. If I'm going to order something, I need to do it soon so it can get here in time for the reveal! What would you pick?

My plans for this week are give the hardwood floors a good scrubbing and then decide what my next step will be (i.e. how much sanding, if any needs to be involved before I apply a light coat of stain), sample wall colors and make a final selection, have our new bed delivered and maybe try to do one of the five remaining DIY projects I have planned. We'll see how far I get this week! If you would like to follow along with my progress in real time this week, you can find me on Instagram @steviestorck. 

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