What's in A Name?

Today marks seven months since I went from Stevie Greek to Stevie Storck. Around that time, I also  switched from "Stevie Greek Design" to "Young Tradition Studio". The reasoning behind these name changes are easy enough to guess, but I've never explained why I made these decisions. And believe me, it was a process.

About a year ago now, I started to seriously consider what I was going to do about changing my name(s).  I was not completely sold on changing my last name at first. Ever since Anthony and I started dating in high school, we had friends, family and even teachers pointing out to me that if Anthony and I ever got married, my name would become an alliteration. "Haha! You'll be St-evie St-orck! That's hilarious!" was something I heard at least on a weekly basis during our senior year of high school.

I seriously considered keeping my maiden name until I realized that my only reason for doing that would be my own vanity. If Anthony's last name had been something like Williams or Richardson, I would have taken his name without any hesitation. I have always loved the idea of a husband and wife sharing a last name because to me it represents a transition from simple couple-hood to the start of a true family unit. It was when I realized this that I realized that taking Anthony's last name was the right choice for me. I admit, I still have days where I wish I had a more appropriate married monogram (it's sSa, I'll give you a second to spell that backwards in your mind...), but for the most part I am getting used to my new moniker.

When it came to thinking of a new name for my Etsy shop, I thought long and hard about what my mission was and what type of image I wanted to project. Since I became an Etsy seller in February of 2013, my best selling item has easily been my Gender Reveal Party kits. Five years ago, gender reveal parties weren't even a "thing" but now so many expectant parents are choosing to share and celebrate this moment with their friends and family in person. Similarly, I'd never heard of a co-ed baby shower until a few years ago, when I started seeing co-ed shower invitations and party themes all over Pinterest. I love that today's generation of parents are changing the rules when it comes to celebrating their pregnancies and starting fun, new traditions with their families.

Anthony and I may not be parents yet, but we've always enjoyed talking about the traditions we want to share and create for our future children. We are both nostalgia lovers. We're probably some of the only 23 year olds who would spend our birthday getaway weekend browsing antique shops, visiting a railroad museum and taking a guided tour of a historic monastery. I am obsessed with historic architecture and dream about raising our future children turn-of-the-century farm house that we restored ourselves and furnished with a beautiful mix of antique, contemporary and modern furniture.

When it came to my shop name, I knew I wanted to portray the concept that something that is traditional can still be unconventional and innovative. That is how I arrived at the name Young Tradition Studio.

My mission as a designer is to create beautiful and unique surroundings that inspire my customers as they live their daily lives,  celebrate milestones  and create new traditions and memories with family and friends. My unexpected venture into stationery design has, so far, been an absolute delight because I've had  opportunities to fulfill this mission thanks to my wonderful customers.

Will I always create stationery and sell on Etsy? Maybe. Will I ever work under a different name than Young Tradition Studio? I'm not sure.  One thing I do know is that I will continue to design for the rest of my life. Because it's more than my passion, it's in my nature.

And the Winner is Tempe Star!


For those of you who don't already follow Young Tradition Studio on Facebook, I announced the winner of my contest on Sunday! Amanda was the first to correctly guess our bathroom paint color, Sherwin Williams Tempe Star - a beautiful navy with a hint of green.

Our bathroom makeover is taking a bit longer than expected (as projects tend to do!), but we are hoping to be able to do the big reveal next week.

In the meantime, take a look at my new "Hello Rhino" note cards,  which are now available on my Etsy shop. Every element of this design reflects an element that is going into the new bathroom design. I know what you are thinking, "What on earth do Rhinoceroses have to do with your bathroom?". Trust me, it's going to be awesome. Consider this your preview!

Swing and Snow Days

We are now 2 months into the 2014 and I finally feel like I am getting into the swing of things. Not just for 2014 but for life after college (aka real adulthood) in general. This Tuesday will mark my second full month at my new job, which has turned out to be a great fit! Even though I am still learning, I am currently juggling about two dozen kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects and I am loving the challenge! I am grateful for the opportunity I've been given and I look forward to growing as a designer and settling into my career here. Anthony and I are making real progress towards our goals and I couldn't be more excited about the things we have on the horizon. With everything that's been happening, I haven't had much time to work on this blog or my Etsy shop. And the times that I did have a few minutes to work on something creative, I wasn't feeling very inspired. Luckily, we've had a bunch of snow days so far this year, where the roads were totally impassable in YoCo. And serendipitously, I've also had two people contact me about creating custom stationery designs for them so far this year! Free time + Client Inspiration = Designer's block, be gone!

The first was a good friend from my days at the paint shop. Her daughter is expecting her first child in July and they are planning a baby lamb themed baby shower! They gave me a lot of design freedom and I'm really happy with what I came up with. I love the idea of coral pink and spring green for a baby shower. Who says you have to have pink and blue pastels? And isn't the little lamb darling?

Little Lamb Baby Shower

The second was a mom who contacted me through Etsy to create a stylish "Frozen" themed birthday invitation for her daughter. Anyone who has been around me knows that I LOVE Frozen! Anthony and I went to see it with my friend Jamie when she came to visit a few weeks ago and we've all been singing "Let it Go" and "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" since!

I was really excited about this one because the customer and I share the sentiment that kids parties can have a movie or tv show theme without having cartoon characters splashed all over every decoration. To keep things simple, yet fun, I recreated Elsa's castle using simple geometric forms. I think the overall effect is classy AND whimsical!

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 9.30.17 PM

Having someone contact me with their idea was just what I needed to snap me out of a creative rut! These designs will be available on my Etsy shop soon. If you have a unique idea for a party and can't find an invitation you love, let me know! I'd be happy to work with you to create a custom design!