A Lot of New

So, it's been a while since I've posted. A pretty long while. Well, the month of April was a blur with preparing for my final exams and finishing my Senior Capstone project. I'm so happy to be finished with my classes!

Me at the Senior Capstone Event    

On April 29th, I said goodbye to Pittsburgh for a two week adventure in Europe! I went as a part of a Chatham Abroad trip sponsored by the Political Science department, so we did have a lot of educational activities and meetings, but I had the time of my life! We spent a week in Berlin, Germany and a week in Brussels, Belgium with day trips to Potsdam in Germany, Brugge in Belgium and to the capital city of Luxembourg! Although I didn't really know anyone before going on the trip, I ended up becoming very close with my roommate Amanda - we kept saying how we hit the roomie jackpot since we love all of the same things! (i.e. SHOPPING!)

Amanda and I


One of my favorite places of the whole trip: Schloss Cecilienhof


Our whole group on the steps of Sans Souci in Potsdam


Anais, Amanda, Jenna and I outside of Scotland House in Brussels


In the Belgian Royal Greenhouses


A canal in Brugge, Belgium


Looking over the countryside of Luxembourg


In front of the German Reichstag in Berlin


Trying a Berliner on our last day in Berlin  


I saw, did and tried SO many new things in the last two weeks! I'm so glad that I went and I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world, but it was so great to see Anthony waiting for me when we finally got back to the Pittsburgh Airport around midnight on Monday! This was the longest we've been apart since we started dating almost 7 years ago.


This week, I am getting back to work and trying to just enjoy my free time here in Pittsburgh. On Friday, my family is coming in to spend the weekend and to see me graduate on Monday! After that I have another two weeks in Pittsburgh before I move home and start my new job! There's a lot of big changes coming, but I'm really looking forward to starting this next chapter in my life!