I'm sure any recent college graduate can relate to the feeling I've been having the last couple of weeks. Everything just seems so unsettled. I'm currently living back at my parents house, but with my old dresser still in Pittsburgh and my old room basically turned into a storage room, I just feel like there is no room for me to settle in. Not that I should because, I'm hoping to find a new place for Anthony and I to live in the next month or so. But with Anthony still finishing up his summer classes in Pittsburgh, we don't even know where he will be working once he moves back here, let alone where we are going to live a month from now...  

I know everyone goes through stages like this in life, and I know everything will be fine in just a few months. The one thing I REALLY miss though, is being able to do crafty projects and decorating our apartment in Pittsburgh. So to alleviate my sadness over this, I've put together this list of 5 things I'd like to do in our next home, our first MARRIED home, wherever that may be!


from Gather & Build

1. I have always loved to the look of white slip covered couches, and there are a bunch of reasons why I think it would be perfect for our next home together. A) We are still poor (recently graduated) college students, so most likely our couch will be a craigslist or thrift store find. With a white slipcover, we'll have more freedom to buy a horrible floral couch, if it has the right lines. Also, when else are we going to be able to have the white couch I've always dreamed of? Certainly not after we have kids! Unless it's leather or sealed with wax so no stains can penetrate it...

2. I love these framed family recipes I found on Pinterest. I might do something a little different with the frames, but I love the idea of having Mammaw's Peanut Butter Fudge and Gram's Chicken Noodle Soup recipes adorning our new kitchen. Hopefully they will help inspire me to start cooking more!

from Life is Beautiful

3. I am loving grey, white and gold color schemes right now. This room is a little more glamorous than I think I want our place to be, but I do love the mix of contemporary clean lines with traditional patterned textiles and the lovely gold mirror. If you take this look, make it a bit more rustic and casual, that's pretty much what I'm going for.

Study nook



4. I'd really like to create a small, but functional home office. I'd love to have space to file all the important paperwork I am accumulating and also as a place to work on my Etsy shop. But seeing as we probably aren't going to have a ton of room, I like how the shelves hung above the desk make great use of a little space.



IKEA Shoe Drawers

5. I've been looking at this shoe cabinet from IKEA for at least a year, and I'm really thinking of making the investment (a whopping $129 dollars, haha) for our next place. I hate just having shoes lined up by the door and this little cabinet would be amazing by the front door! I especially love the little drawer up top. Anthony has a habit of emptying his pockets onto any flat surface when he gets home, and that results in coins, receipts falling off and getting strewn all over the floor. If he gets this little drawer right by the door, our problem is solved!