Easy Tip for Hand Addressing your Holiday Cards

It seems like every time I sit down to handwrite addresses onto envelopes, I end up with a huge stack of "rejects". Either I started writing the address too far to one side, too close to the top, or I spell the person's name or street address completely wrong. This year, when it was time to address my Christmas Cards, I started thinking, "There has got to be a simpler way to do this"!

SSDC - Easy Tips for Handwriting Addresses

While I don't have a solution for my spelling mishaps, I did come up with a way to simplify the placement of each address! I thought about drilling guides that you can make or buy to ensure that all of your cabinetry hardware is drilled at the same location. Using this same principle, I took a piece of computer paper, cut it to the size of my envelope (in this case, 5" x 7"). Then, I folded it in half twice, cutting out a small rectangle from the folded corner to make my "address window". I made dashes with my pen on either side to indicate the line spacing for each address and I was good to go! 

My homemade addressing guide

My homemade addressing guide

It definitely made it easier to get each address relatively straight and centered. For longer last names or street addresses, I would just move the template 1/2" or 1" towards the left before starting to write. Do you hand address your holiday cards? Share your tips in the comments below!

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