Announcing... Stevie Storck Design Co. !

Last month, I wrote about a project that I've been working on. Something that I'm really passionate about and that has been my complete focus for the last 3-4 months. This is it! Welcome to my new website, which will be the new home of my blog and also the platform for my new business Stevie Storck Design Co.! I just got the paperwork back from the state of PA last week and I've got to tell you, it feels good to be OFFICIAL! 

Stevie Storck Design Co. is the culmination of my past five years of education and experience. My primary focus will be interior design and decorating moving forward, but I am excited to offer a variety of services including custom design and event styling. I will still be creating designs for my Etsy shop, Young Tradition Studio and in the next year, I plan to launch an online boutique of unique home decor items and curated vintage finds. I invite you to explore my new website to learn more about my design services! 

I also have a lot of new plans for this blog! I intend to start posting much more regularly, on topics like interior design, party planning, decorating and DIY projects. I will even be featuring some guest bloggers who I can't wait to introduce you to! Even though this new website is geared towards my design business, I will continue to share updates about my life and sometimes write about my hobbies outside of design. This is something that I've done since I started this blog in 2011 and after much thought I have decided that it is not something I want to change. Some people think there needs to be a black and white line between our professional and personal selves, but for me, that doesn't feel genuine. Whether you are a friend, a reader, or a potential client, I want you to know me as my authentic self and I want to get to know YOU in the same context. 

So to my past readers who have followed my blog to this new site, thank you for your time, your patience with my blogging hiatus and your continued support. To those of you just joining us, I hope that my reimagined blog is a source of inspiration and positivity for you, both in design and in life. I can't wait to share this new journey with you!