Currently Loving... Spanish Cement Tile

There's a new trend sweeping the design world: Spanish cement tile.

Actually, encaustic cement tiles (as they are widely known throughout the world) have been around since the 1850s, so they are hardly a new thing. What makes them different from normal clay or porcelain tiles is that they are not fired, and there is no layer of glaze on the surface of the tile. The result is a matte, porous, handmade tile that can be sealed or allowed to age and patina over time. 

While historically these patterned tiles were fairly colorful, manufacturers today are making a wide range of solid and neutral patterned designs that give a modern edge to this old-world material.

Alhambra Kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

I have to admit, part of me sees these gorgeous tiles and thinks of the highly patterned linoleum flooring that was so popular in the 1960's and 70's. Patterned floors can be pretty polarizing. But with a natural, matte finish and in neutral patterns, I think this look is pretty classic.

What do you think?

Would you consider using cement tiles in your kitchen or bathroom? Or do you think 10 years from now, these people will be wondering what in the world they were thinking?

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