We're Buying a House!

Our First House! Stevie Storck Design Co.

It's true! Anthony and I are closing on our VERY FIRST HOME later this month! We are so excited about becoming homeowners. 

Our road to homeownership hasn't been the smoothest ride (which I plan to share more about in a future blog post!). It's been over a year since we started looking a houses and the mortgage pre-approval process, but Anthony and I both feel that this house was well worth the wait. We are counting down the days until it is officially ours!

Here are the details:

Our First Home - Stevie Storck Design Co.

We've already written out three different to-do lists -- 1. Cleaning & Maintenance, 2. Painting & Improvements, and 3. Shopping & Furnishing. Obviously, I've already made a dedicated Pinterest board, but it's a secret one. I want to keep some things as a surprise for you guys!

Of course, we will be documenting all of our home improvement and decorating projects right here on the blog! We can't wait to get started!