Master Bedroom Inspiration | Moody, Masculine & Vintage

Yesterday began the first step of our Master bedroom redesign. Our new king size mattress was delivered! To keep it simple, we had it set up in the front bedroom so we would have it out of the way when we start painting in a week or two. You can see our temporary sleeping quarters in yesterday's post, here. Our goal for this weekend is to remove the random sink the Master and prep for painting. This month, we will also be ordering our new bed frame, which I am super in love with and can't wait to show you! 

Here's a reminder of what we are working with: 

Master Bedroom Before - Stevie Storck Design Co.
Master Bedroom Before - Stevie Storck Design Co.
Master Bedroom Before - Stevie Storck Design Co.

I already had a vintage, masculine vibe in mind for this room, but when I found this oil painting at a consignment shop in Kennet Square (with Haley!), it really solidified everything for me. Someone told me it looks like an old art school project. I love everything about it. 


You guys know I love me some dark walls. It's been a long standing love affair, that I've talked about here and here. Very soon, these white walls will be painted deep, smoky, gray-green. I think Eclipse by Sherwin Williams is just the ticket. 

Chelsea Cabot via Pinterest

I'm still waffling on how I want to address the off center window on the wall I'm planning to put the bed on. I've considered about 7 different options, but if you asked me today I would probably choose my first idea, which is some variation on this look:

Sarah Gibson via A Beautiful Mess

On Monday, I met Jamie during her lunch break to peruse the discount room of the wallpaper manufacturer she works for. (If you live in York, you know which one!) We found this awesome/kooky/vintage/cool scenic design by Ronald Redding. It has a navy background and all these funny little characters. I'm planning to use it in both of our closets for a fun accent.

While our house was built in 1903, just about all of the original details were stripped between it being renovated as a duplex (and back again) and a fire in 2011. One of our big goals is too add some character back into our old farmhouse, so I like that this wallpaper looks like something that might have already been there, that we decided to keep for fun in just the closets. 

Speaking of the closets, another thing I plan to upgrade is the doors. I  HATE sliding doors for closets. In theory, these space saving solutions make a lot of sense, but in practice you can only access one half of your closet at a time. Dislike. I'm thinking buying some cheap bi-fold doors and making them look more expensive with moulding and some fancy hardware. I would love to do some kind of chunky, brass ring pull. 

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll have some nice progress photos to show you in a couple of weeks!

Are you starting a new project? What's at the top of your to-do list?