IKEA Haul | March 2016

This past weekend, Anthony and I made a trip to the Conshohocken IKEA while we were out towards Philly visiting some friends. We love IKEA. Well, I love IKEA. Anthony loves that we stop at the cafe first for Swedish meatballs and then end each trip by buying his favorite jam and Lingonberry syrup in the marketplace. Here's a photo I managed to take while he was still full and happy from the meatballs:

I could easily spend the equivalent of our mortgage at IKEA every month. There are just so many things to love there, am I right?? I try to keep our budget under control by spending weeks fine-tuning my online shopping list before setting foot in the store. Here's what we brought home this time. Only the last two items weren't on our shopping list. I'd say we did pretty good!

KOPPANG 3-drawer chest

Bought two of these to use as nightstands in our Master Bedroom. I have a fun makeover planned for them, including using the leftover paint I have from my rejected wall color and these new pulls, which should be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow. 

RITVA Curtains 

I got 4 packs of these to hang in our living room. After months and months of debating what color curtains I wanted, I decided to go with a dark charcoal to create a cool tone-on-tone effect with my black walls. I'm going to glitz them up a bit by spray painting the rod and rings I bought at Target gold. I'm also considering busting out my sewing machine to add a row or two of pom pom trim across the top, just to make them feel a little more special. What do you think? 

TEJN Faux sheepskin

After a solid 2 years of wanting one of these guys, I finally bought one to bring home. It's currently hanging out on the settee in my office (modeled by Chloe, here). I can see it moving to any and every room in the house over the next few weeks. I just might have to buy a couple more. 

SINDAL Door mat

We have big plans to fix up the front porch and plant a garden this spring. But for now, a few of these door mats are helping our house look like someone actually lives here. After I finish writing this post, I am going to make some new wreaths for our two front doors!

SNIKA Box with lid, set of 3

As we were standing in line for checkout, I threw these into our cart. I recently fell in love with this bread box on Amazon but $40 seems like a lot to spend on a bread box to me. We're currently using the large one to store bread and bagels and the two small ones are sitting empty on a shelf until I decide what to do with them. They're simple, cute and I can always use more storage boxes! They were in the Last Chance! area for $12.99 I think. 

Do you love IKEA as much as I do? What was in your latest IKEA Haul?

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