Monday Monday

Long day. Long, long day. I spent the morning getting lost downtown and walking outside in the rain without an umbrella and wearing ballet flats. Bad choices on my part. Yet the day was not a complete waste as I can now say that after nearly 4 years of living in Pittsburgh, I've finally ridden the "T". (I really thought that Pittsburgh having a subway was just a myth until now...) Also, I turned in a project I've been working on for my internship and got some positive feedback. It's a facade design for a new restaurant going in on the main street of a small town outside of the city. It's been great working on a project that is actually going to be built! I can't wait to hear what the building owner thinks of my design and color scheme options. Here's a peek:


The first tenants of the building are opening a  Middle-Eastern restaurant with a club/lounge on the lower level. Since it's located in a historic commercial district, we're planning to use historic colors and classic design elements, but I tried to create some unique schemes that you don't see every day.

 Which color scheme do you like best?