Bridgeton Project | Master Bedroom Design Process

You know that feeling where you have to keep pinching yourself, asking "is this real life"? That's the feeling I've had working with my clients Judi & Bob on their master bedroom makeover these last few months. Judi & Bob are seriously DREAM clients! They live in the southern end of the county where I grew up, and they love a "classed-up" take on rustic, country style. When we met for our first consultation back in November, they were waiting to close on their forever home- a beautiful ranch style house with gorgeous hill-top views out front and pretty woods behind. From the beginning, they said they wanted their master bedroom to feel like a boutique hotel. Although they'd lived in their last home for many years, they never took the time to really create a retreat for themselves by decorating their master bedroom. Did I mention Judi & Bob are two of the nicest people I've ever met? They certainly deserved a cozy, comfortable and beautiful space to enjoy in their new house, just for the two of them. 

Here's what the master bedroom looked like with the previous homeowner's furniture and decor:

It's a good size space with a large closet and en suite bathroom. The carpet had been recently replaced and the walls were painted a nice soft green that they wanted to keep. Whereas the previous homeowner's style was feminine and pretty, we wanted to go for something a little more rustic with balanced masculine and feminine elements. I presented a series of Mood Boards for Judi & Bob to consider. Bob is a very skilled carpenter and had already decided he would be making their nightstands and dressers. At our first consultation, I made some suggestions for the finish and a complimentary bed style that they really liked. So with the Mood Boards, I focused on illustrating two (and a half!) different feels that we could create for the room. One more high contrast with a dark shiplap accent wall and one lighter and airier with a classic striped wallpaper. 

Judi & Bob both agreed on Option #1a right away! I love all the Mood Boards I created, but I have to admit that one was my favorite too. After getting the go ahead, I set about selecting the rest of the furniture, fixtures and accessories we would need to complete the room and created their Final Design boards and drawings. 

Here's the elevation sketch I did of the focal wall of the room to confirm the width of the shiplap feature wall (which was actually tongue-and-groove panels handmade and finished by Bob!) and placement of the artwork and wall sconces. 

Back in April, I delivered and installed the first phase of this master bedroom makeover. It's already looking so beautiful, I can't wait for the last few items to arrive so we can finish out the space! Despite having a broken phone, I shared a sneak peek on Instagram that weekend:

If the last few pieces arrive on time, I should have reveal photos to share by early summer! What do you think of the design they chose?