Idylwyld Project | Guest Bedroom Introduction

It's been a busy summer here at SSDC, and I'm excited to show you several new client project reveals in the coming weeks. Today, I want to start by introducing you to the Idylwyld Project. When I had my first consultation with Doug back in 2016, he was a bachelor and semi-new homeowner who was ready to start fixing up his first place. It's an awesome 1970's ranch style home on a spacious wooded lot but the improvements made by the previous homeowners left a little to be desired. The house had a "Tuscan-meets-Asian" aesthetic with walls painted in various shades of oranges and yellows but still the house felt pretty dark, even with the lights on. (Read the end of this post for some before photos!) The current state of the house just didn't fit Doug's personality or vision, but we both could see the potential with some thoughtful renovations.

We started by installing all new lighting across the majority of the house. New recessed can lights and statement fixtures in key areas like the dining room and foyer did wonders to improve the feel of the house. In the midst of all this, Doug's girlfriend Jessica relocated from Massachusetts to York so I now had two clients and the goal of making the home comfortable and stylish for both of them. After the lighting was complete, the next project they wanted to tackle was the guest bedroom. They really wanted a nice, put-together space to host friends and family from out of town.

Doug & Jessica hired me to create a full room design plan for their guest bedroom. I was tasked with marrying their stylistic preferences: warm, cozy, bold, traditional and a little industrial with the modern style of their 1970's home. Like every design project, I started out by designing two Mood Board concepts for them to choose between. Here's what I presented...

guest bedroom design inspiration : rustic, masculine, traditional, industrial
guest bedroom design inspiration : bold, rustic, masculine, traditional, industrial, antique metal bed, red persian rug

At this point, we had already decided on new wall-to-wall carpeting and a deep, moody blue-gray wall color. So while these two concepts are very similar, they each would give the space a different feel. Option #1 leans a little more on the contemporary side, which fits with the architectural style of their home, balanced with old finds like the vintage kilim accent pillow and antique railroad prints over the desk. The subdued colors make it feel very calming, polished and classic. Option #2 introduces a bolder color scheme with a rich red Persian-style rug and a pop of forest green on the accent pillow. This option really plays up the antique and industrial styles that the homeowners are drawn to, but the clean lines of the nightstand, mirror and desk are what keep it from feeling out of place in a 1970's ranch. 

These preliminary Mood Boards are so important when I'm starting a new client project. They help me to understand my client's preferences better and allow my clients explore their own style in a way they might not have done before. Sometimes it's an easy decision and sometimes we end up doing a blend of both options. For Doug & Jessica, it was an easy decision to go with Option #2! Tomorrow, I'll be sharing the big reveal but for now, here's a peek at the "before":

I can't wait to show you what their guest bedroom looks like now! Which Mood Board option would you choose? Cast your vote and join the conversation on my latest Facebook or Instagram post. And remember to come back tomorrow to see the "after" photos!

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