The Nursery | Before Photos + Inspiration

Now that I'm over halfway through my pregnancy, we're ready to get our butts in gear to prepare our home for our little one! I've been dreaming up nursery designs and pinning inspiration for years and I'm so excited to finally start this project. We'll be turning our smallest guest bedroom into the nursery, which is perfect because it's right across the hall from our master bedroom. 

We never really decorated this room, but we did add a few more things since we shared our "before" home tour back in 2015. The minty green settee will be staying, along with the white IKEA dresser. But most everything else will be moved out and repurposed in other rooms. These aren't the best "before" photos because I had stripped the bed to do laundry and ended up taking these at 9pm on evening right before I convinced Anthony to take apart the bed and move it to another room with me. 


I just realized as I'm writing this that our nieces left a book underneath the bed. They love hanging out under there! The room is about 11' x 13' and has two west facing windows so it gets some of the prettiest light in the house! The closet is kind of strange, as it has no shelves or hanging rod but does have the frame of an old boarded up window and it extends back and to the left with three large steps to accommodate the sloped ceiling of the staircase below. I'm planning on making a cushion for the top step and turning it into a little hideout or reading nook for our kiddo to enjoy when they get older!

download (3).jpeg

Since this is our smallest bedroom and we hope to have more children in the future, we want to make this room pretty gender neutral so it can stay the nursery as our older kids would "graduate" to a larger room in the house. Our overall plans for the space are similar to our goals for the rest of our fixer upper --to add more character and historic charm back into the room. Our house is a 1903 colonial/farmhouse but the upstairs especially is sadly lacking with original details. I'm personally not a big fan of themed or overly "baby-ish" nursery designs. They are so cute, but I want the nursery to grow with our family and feel like it fits in with the style of the rest of our house. Here are some examples of elegant, collected nurseries that are inspiring me right now:


Claire Boeshaar via 100 Layer Cake-let


Chris Loves Julia

We are so excited to create a functional, cozy and welcoming space for our little girl. Yes, I said little girl because we found out a couple weeks ago that we are expecting a daughter!

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The end of May can't come soon enough!